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For busy moms who want to love their bodies while learning the secrets to slim down!
Next Challenge Begins
SEPTEMBER 23, 2019
5 Days. 5 Secrets. 5 Steps to Slim Down!
During this FREE ladies only online challenge, you will learn how to reshape your thoughts in a way that makes slimming down feel natural and easy. Over the next five days, I will help you …
  • Create an emotionally-charged goal with specific action steps that keep you moving toward your happy and healthy weight, no matter how many disappointments you have suffered in the past.
  • Clarify why you want to slim down so you can stay committed to your goal. This goes way beyond fitting into your skinny jeans, so that when you crave unhealthy foods you have the tenacity to make healthy choices.
  • Nourish your body by learning the simple strategy for creating the perfect meal, so that no matter where you are or what your schedule looks like.
  • Enjoy moving your body daily, so that it becomes a healthy habit you can consistently maintain and even look forward to doing!
  • Celebrate your healthy body and what it can do, in ways that don’t involve food.

About Me

Hello, I'm Rachel Alling, health and fitness coach at Rachel Alling Coaching.

I know all too well how hard it is to slim down and stay that way. My struggle with weight loss journey began early, when in my twenties I lost 30 pounds. 

But keeping it off after 3 pregnancies, injuries, chronic illness, and middle age — that has been the greatest and most challenging part! 

Now as I approach 50 in 2020, my passion is to share all that I have learned with other busy moms in their 40's and 50's. I want you to love your body and your life!

If you are like most of the women I have helped, then you have tried to lose weight many different ways and probably succeeded a few times, but it's the keeping it off and enjoying the process that is the true challenge.

You might feel frustrated, like giving up. But don't!

You can slim down, stay that way and have fun doing it!
ready for success?
This FREE 5-Day Challenge is FOR YOU if you:
  • Feel like there's not enough time to prepare meals for the week? And by dinner time all you want to do is reward yourself with some comfort food, the couch and TV? 
  • Tried every single diet, read every article you could, watched endless hours of videos from health gurus, and still can't get the weight off for good?
  • Ready to get off the diet roller coaster forever? You can finally stop worrying about your weight and start enjoying your healthy life! 
  • Want to actually enjoy your weight loss journey — instead of feeling deprived and cranky?  This is not about depriving yourself. 
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Challenge Starts 9/23/19
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